About XcessFIT

XcessFIT raglan tribal collection



XcessFIT is an Australian brand, that responds to the frustrations voiced of plus size people around the world, and an evidenced global need for awesome plus size activewear that fits big bodies, is good quality, beautiful, functional and affordable.

XcessFIT is here to pick you up when others put you down, with plus size activewear for women and men that gives you the flexibility to wear it anywhere, your way.

As a plus size person, finding activewear that fits well, looks awesome and feels good is a challenge. And then comes the constant pressure and broken record of hearing society telling you need to lose weight. You’re over it, and we get it! XcessFIT is here to break that mould and to celebrate you.

XcessFIT is where Art, Fashion and Fabric collide, utilising printing techniques that allow for bright, photographic quailty, vivid prints.  We design and produce exceptional quality activewear that is as bold as it is beautiful, that will serve you and your lifestyle every day. 

Being activewear, our garments are made from premium quality lightweight sports materials, that have sweat wicking properties to keep you dry, zoned ventilation panels to keep you cool, and are designed with ergonomic and anti-chaffing seam definition to keep you comfortable.  All our garments are tested by real people in real situations for size, fit, comfort, wear, wash, colour fastness and sweat before any range is manufactured.

XcessFIT Mission statement
To offer quality plus size activewear that is affordable for women and men, that you can wear anywhere, your way.

XcessFIT Vision statement
To be the world's largest supplier of plus size activewear that inspires change and acceptance everyday.