Our Community

At XcessFIT, we love to see you in our gear, and we would like to invite you to send us photos of you in our gear, that celebrate you.

Our vision is to inspire change and acceptance everyday, and your photos will be used in our marketing to help us do this. 

It's as easy as sending us your photos via email to de@xcessfit.com, telling us 3 positive words you use to describe yourself, and letting us know what your favourite colour is.

Photos need to include you in your XcessFIT gear, be high resolution, and have a background that is clear of other people. Space in the background is also needed for us to put your 'Iam...name' and 3 words that you use to describe yourself.

Here are some examples, so you can see the format your photos will take and space that is required for text and logo.

For us to use your photos, you will need to copy and paste this statement into your email, granting XcessFIT permission to use your photo for marketing purposes.  


I, (full name), hereby assign all rights of this/these photographs to XcessFIT (Xcess Industries Trust) that I am emailing on (Date).

I understand the photograph/s may, or may not be used for advertising and publicity purposes, or any other use XcessFIT intends. Use may include, but not be limited to website and social media marketing.

I understand that I will not be compensated now, or in the future for use of the photos, or time spent while taking the photos. I also acknowledge that there will be no notice given to me as to when, or for what purposes XcessFIT may choose to use the photographs.

By writing my name below and sending this email to XcessFIT, I acknowledge that I have received this written text off the XcessFIT website, and agree to all conditions mentioned above.


When your photos have been completed, you will receive a finished copy of them via email for yourself.

We can't wait to see your photos celebrating you.

XcessFIT I am Kirstie
xcessfit I am Dan
XcessFIT I am Amy
xcessfit I am IK